I’m very happy to see that Jon Szanto, former Partch ensemble performer and current Partch archivist and curator, has put together this limited edition vinyl release entitled “Harry Partch: A Portrait” via our friends at New World Records. The record features a remastered version of The Dreamer that Remains among other pieces. Szanto is one of the unheralded champions of Partch’s music and I know this project was done with a lot of love and care. I scanned the entirety of the Partch photo archives a couple years back, and I’m thrilled that some of the images are getting to see the light of day.

Harry Partch: A Portrait

Harry Partch: A Portrait Limited Edition LP Release (700, 180g vinyl) with Twelve-Page Booklet Featuring Rare Photos 90001-1 Selecting illustrative works from the lifetime of a creative person is a daunting task; doing so with a singularly individual artist like Harry Partch is all the more difficult.