Harry Partch discusses receiving notariety using a scale of 43 separate tones and original instruments with references to his “Genesis of a Music.” There is a brief introduction to “Twelve Intrusions,” this recording which is played by five musicians under Partch’s direction. The pieces are: Study in an Ancient Phrygian Scale, Study in the Ancient Greek Enharmonic Scale, The Rose, The Crane, The Wind, The Waterfall, The Letter, The Street, Vanity, Lover, Soldiers/War/Another War, and Chamber Music. Plectra & Percussion Dances is the final piece and includes three sections: Castor and Pollux, Ring Around the Moon, and Even Wild Horses.

Musical Selections: Study in an Ancient Phrygian Scale — Study in the Ancient Greek Enharmonic Scale — The Rose [text by Ella Young] (1942) — The Crane (1945) — The Wind [texts by Ella Young & Lao-Tze] — The Waterfall [text by Ella Young] (1946-50) — The Letter (1943) — The Street [text by Willard Motley] (1946-50) — Vanity [text by Giuseppe Ungaretti] (1946-50) — Lover [text by George Leite] (1946-50) — Soldiers/War/Another War [text by Giuseppe Ungaretti] (1946-50) — Plectra & Percussion Dances: Castor and Pollux (1952) ; Ring Around the Moon (1952-53) ; Even Wild Horses [text by Arthur Rimbaud] (1949-53)

Performed by Gate Five Ensemble and conducted by Horace Schwartz. First broadcast over KPFA May 1, 1956.
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